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Health is not a privilege; it is an essential human right. Treatment is not a duty; it is an unwavering quest to improve the lives of everyone we meet. At Life Vitality, we are dedicated towards offering you the best personalized health programs available. All our doctors (TCM), therapist and instructors are highly experienced and certified. Through our complete “reset, restore and revitalize” program, we will assist you in defining your health imperatives and find solutions that work for you.

Throughout your search for wellness at the Life Vitality Centre, you will harvest all the benefits of thousands of years of traditional medicine as well as the latest scientific health studies. Combining both Eastern and Western healing concepts culminated in the Revitalize TheoryTM which builds upon the latest research on functional, environmental and nutritional medicine.

Our facilities designed with your comfort and safety in mind. You can rest assured that our equipment is clean, well-maintained and state-of-the-art. Above all else, your health is our priority.

I went to see May keeled over with kidney stone pain. I had been to the hospital twice and both times was sent home with several medications and told I had to wait til the stones passed. May's first treatment on me not only relieved the pain, it was gone for good. I will be returning to see May for kidney health and nutrition. The world needs more people like her.

 Thank you May                   Maria F

Dear May, 

we can't thank you enough for the health you have bestowed upon our little family. without your help, we wouldn't be able to welcome our new bundle of joy in the coming months.    love always .               Matt, Tia & Colton Small

I am so grateful for your help, May.
For months I was fatigued from the blockage in my eye and sinus space and it was difficult to get through my work days. You helped me when the medical system failed me. The only solution the doctors were able to provide was surgery (with all the associated risks). Instead, you were able to provide an alternative. You were able to completely heal me, and you did so in less time than you had said. It felt so good to cancel my surgery appointment. Once again, thank you.           Maurizio. 

Blessing to you May, for the saving my father's knee, only after one treatment he feels 95% better, he walk perfectly and NO pain during the night, you saved him form a knee replacement which he has booked in May 2017, Blessing to you on this day of Ramadan and forever more shall you be blessed.     Sai from Kitchener Ontario

I have had pain for four years in my foot, countless Physio, Chiro and podiatry appointments, noting helped. Two treatments with May and I am PAIN FREE ,  nothing short of a miracle, I have my life back and I am so grateful. thank you May .                   Elain Page 

I just wanted send a quick note to thank you for an amazing positive change over the last 24 hours. 

Overnight and today I am pain free and have 80% mobility back. I was very concerned yesterday with the state of my shoulder and expecting a long and painful recovery. 

Thank you May! Today is a much better day thanks to your help !  Fred G

My daughter Giulia was diagnose with celiac disease Jan 2015 she just turned 13 years old. She was under the care of doctors but still wasn't feeling better the pain in her tummy was bad and she was very constipated along with poor appetite bad headaches couldn't fall asleep and No energy. The GI said to keep her on restorlax for 6 months then to go back and see her. As her mom I didn't like that at all. I continued to speak with people and was then referred to Life vitality in August 2015 I was so amazed and impressed on the treatments and specific diet that Mei put Giulia  on, within 2 treatments she was going to the bathroom on her own after a few more treatments and continuing the diet for 3 months all of her pains went away she was sleeping better and had energy. Thank you 😊 Mei you truly are amazing.  Dolores  

Dear Mei, 

We are so grateful to have you met a beautiful person just like you. you have helped us during such difficult time and Gemma and Luigi truly love and admire you. Thank you for loving Luigi and treating him like your own son , we are so happy to see him improving and we truly do not know what would do with out you. 

Love from Gemma, Luigi and Jen

Dear Mei 

Thank you for everything that you have done for my family especially my grandmother, she now has renewed hope because of you. you have a special gift and it is such a blessing to be in your care. 

with much love and gratitude 

Linda P

Mei , 

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us ! we are so lucky to have met such a wonderful "healer" and kind soul who is always willing to help with everything . you are truly one of a kind. 

Love, Stephanie G

A healing story can be working for every one !

Today, I am in perfect health, with a B12 deficiency, some arthritis, and no cancer.

Eighteen months ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer: a single 1.6 cm mass on the lower right side of my prostate. Surgery was not a good option. Some of my doctors had elaborate plans for medications and treatments. I consulted five medical specialist before deciding on a best alternative.

During this time, I had been seeing May weekly for about three years. When I was diagnosed with cancer May worked on my full body immune system and health including altering my diet and introducing supplements and vitamins. May designed a diet for me combined with her approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine. During this time, my PSA numbers decreased from 9 to 6 before beginning radiation treatments. My body reached and maintained an alkaline state at PH 8, not favourable for cancer cells.

I was in great shape nine months later, in June 2016, when I started internal radiation treatments followed by 38 sessions of external beam radiation. During these daily treatments I maintained a regular lifestyle including working daily as well as once weekly teaching night school. By the end of each week I was tired. My radiologist was impressed with my results and my healthy appearance during the eight weeks of treatments. Following radiation my PSA numbers dropped immediately to 4.73 and then three months after treatment to 2.7. This is when my radiologist said I was cured; and my family doctor confirmed the specialist's report. Earlier this week, at my 6 months follow-up appointment (after all radiation treatments), I was told my PSA results were1.18. This is phenomenal. It usually takes a year to reach a PSA level below 1.0 and I am almost there in half the time!

I owe so much to May for getting me onto a diet routine that could work and to detoxify my body of refined sugar. I attended weekly cupping and acupuncture treatments including taking certain supplements. I noticed a change in my body very quickly. I also had more energy. If I had not changed my body, I don't think the radiation treatments could have worked so well. What I learned is - the body has tremendous healing powers; if it receives the right nutrients, which are different for each person. And, to accomplish this, the right coach is needed. May is this coach!

What worked for me was treating and making my whole body healthy, and drastically changing my diet prior to beginning radiation treatments. Following May's advice was not always easy as I had to alter my diet completely. I am lucky that May helped my wife plan out acceptable foods. As a family, we changed our grocery shopping routine and meal planning. May's strategies worked! May helped me regain my life. Traditional Chinese Medicine works for me: I am an advocate.

I am still on my diet. I weigh about 135 pounds (down 25 pounds from when I started; I had to buy all new clothes). I don't want to risk coming off my diet. I still miss chocolate. But, I am choosing life over sweets.

Thank you May!

Life Vitality Team