New!!We are now offering several workshops throughout the month.  Please call us to register. Space is limited, and filling up fast! 

TCM Fire Cupping

Learn the ancient art of fire cupping to release acute conditions like sore muscles, low back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and many more.  Chronic conditions of childhood asthma, seasonal allergies, chronic pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and many others will also be discussed.  Course includes safety, various cupping techniques, do's and don'ts, and other considerations to maximize results.

Sunday, Nov 25, 10am-4pm  $300


TCM Facial Anti-Aging Cupping Course - Back by popular demand!! 

Discover the long-kept secret anti-aging techniques Emperors used in ancient China to keep their skin vibrant and healthy. Learn to make your own home-made natural facial mask! Great course for Estheticians, Massage Therapists or for anyone interested in natural beauty. In this 4-hour hands-on workshop you will also learn techniques to use silicone cups to rejuvenate the skin and other tips and tricks of the trade to maximize results. Silicone cups available for purchase.

Sunday, Dec 2, 10am-2pm $200

TCM Nutrition - Eat right for the Season

Learn how to nourish your body throughout the cold winter months  with everyday ingredients from your grocery store. Workshop includes 4 hour lecture and a 2 hour cooking demonstration. Take home 2 nourishing recipes you can make this holiday season to share with your loved ones!

Sunday, Dec  9 , 10am-4pm  $350


Fitness Class Schedule









10:30-11:30am QiGong Beginners New!

10:30-11:30am QiGong Beginners New!

10:00am Workshops New!

5:30-6:30 pm 

Yang Style 

Tai Chi 

Beginners New! 


Yang Style Sword Beginner


QiGong all levels


Wu Style TaiChi


Chen Style

Tai Chi Sword


One course $ 65 $280 $520
Two courses $ 100 $520 $790
Unlimited courses $150 $710 $990
Nov Special: 10 class pass $130 Valid for 3 months

* Drop in free $15

* All fees are subject to HST
* One time non-refundable registration fee $30.00 applies to new members only. A free T-shirt is included.
* Registration fee is waived for new members who choose 6-month or 1-year registration. One of the followings is included for free for 1-year registration: T-shirt, Tai Chi shoes, Tai Chi pants, Tai Chi DVD, TaiChi water bottle.
* 30% discount applies to the family members(parents, children, spouses, and siblings only).
* All fees apply to Ji Hong Tai Chi Toronto/Vaughan Branch only. Ji Hong Tai Chi Toronto reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice.
* There will be no refund 2 weeks after the start of a course. Prior to 2 weeks we refund the balance after charging $15 per class for all classes taken.There is no credit or refund for missed classes.
* All memberships are not transferable.
* The schedule of classes and practice time is published by Ji Hong Tai Chi Toronto every 6 months. Ji Hong Tai Chi Toronto reserves the right to change the schedule without prior notice