History of Colon Hydrotherapy

"Civilized life means an artificial life: Civilized people, living in a civilized manner and eating civilized foods, can not, in the very nature of things, have a truly health colon. Health & Sickness both have their roots in the Colon."

By Dr.. Norman W. Walker

History of Colon Hydrotherapy

All of our therapist are highly experienced and certified

Health is not a privilege; it is an essential human right. Treatment is not a duty; it is an unwavering quest to improve the lives of everyone we meet. At Life Vitality, we are dedicated towards offering you the best personalized health programs available. All our doctors (TCM), therapist and instructors are highly experienced and certified. Through our complete “reset, restore and revitalize” program, we will assist you in defining your health imperatives and find solutions that work for you.

Throughout your search for wellness at the Life Vitality Centre, you will harvest all the benefits of thousands of years of traditional medicine as well as the latest scientific health studies. Combining both Eastern and Western healing concepts culminated in the Revitalize TheoryTM which builds upon the latest research on functional, environmental and nutritional medicine.