About Bio Meridian System

Biomeridian (BIM) Testing

Bio-electrical impedance measurement (BIM) is a non-invasive method of measuring the electrical circuits in the body. These circuits relate to specific organs and systems critical in maintaining your health. The information gathered focuses the practitioner and client on what areas may need special attention. Balancing Your Health, LLC is one of only a few practices/practitioners in the area now offering this service to its clients.

During the testing process, a metal probe is touched to the skin to measure electrical conductivity at 58 key points on the hands and feet. These key points relate to traditional acupuncture points. An analysis of the body major systems and organs is accomplished during this process and displayed on a computer monitor.

After the simple 20-30 minute test is completed, the system creates a graphical representation for each client. This customized chart is created based on the clients unique data point readings and provides recommendations to the practitioner as to what protocols the client needs to achieve optimal health.

The practitioner and client work together to create a healthy lifestyle regimen that may include dietary or lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, etc., to bring optimal electrical balance to the body. Regular follow-up tests allow the client and practitioner to work closely together as they track the progress and begin to see their overall health improving.