Anthony's healing story

Do you still catheterize? Then this article is for you !!

Hello, my name is Anthony Salvatore, and do I have a story for you.

I’m a 46 year old male with a wonderful family, a good job and a professional music career.

I had everything a guy could ask for, a beautiful home, a cool sports car, and a rugged pickup truck.

I had a music career that most musicians would kill for! I was playing just about every Friday and Saturday nights in the best clubs the city had to offer, as well, I was a registered singer/songwriter with SOCAN. I’ve recorded 4 CD’s, had a contract with Pump Audio out of the States, a website, and numerous reviews - all good may I add (lol)! Not bad for a guy who had a full time job and family to look after!
But all that changed one day in one fell swoop, while I was at work on November 21st 2011.

My job entailed conducting various tests on brand new, high end luxury vehicles. It could be argued that I had a job all little boys dream about!

Well, one day the test that I was asked to do was to see if the car I was testing would pull to the left or right, while in cruise control at a hundred kilometres an hour and record the information for the engineers to address at some later point. But something went wrong. Dreadfully wrong.

I can’t say I remember what happened, but the end result took a mere 3.4 seconds, at least that was what the black box said. Somehow the car left the highway and went into the grass that runs parallel to the QEW. I wish that were it, but unfortunately for me there was a large concrete lane divider,( the kind you see on most highways that separate traffic that runs in opposite directions) , buried in deep grass and I ploughed into that at one hundred kilometres an hour! I went from 100km to 0 in a blink of an eye. And life as I knew it was over. There was no more music, no more job, and my family had lost the husband and father they knew and loved. I spent the next six days on life support in the I.C.U at Hamilton General Hospital. I had a spinal compression of the vertebras at C3,C4 and C5. The doctors told my family that I would never walk again and that I wouldn’t have any tangible use of my hands. It was game over.

When I came to, needless to say, I was shocked out of my skin, shocked beyond belief. I was paralysed from the neck down. Couldn’t even scratch my nose. And if that weren’t bad enough, my wife was pregnant with our son Gabriel.

My world was shattered. It wasn’t a nightmare, this was really happening.

It was while that I was at Hamilton General when I learned that I also lost my ability to urinate. This for me was the ultimate horror come true. It just seemed that the bad news was coming in waves. I was alive in a dead man’s body.

After about three weeks, I found out that I was going to be transferred to a place called Lyndhurst. I was told that this was going to be my best hope for rehabilitation, that Lyndhurst was one of the finest facilities in North America for people with spinal cord injuries.

When I finally got there and settled in for my long “impossible” recovery, I came to find out that I was surrounded by the most gifted and amazing team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in the world, bar none!!

The things they did for me and others, well, words fall woefully short, and cannot begin to convey what they do for the helpless. Truly, real life angels.

It was while I| was there that I came to know the great people from the Spinal Cord Association of Ontario. It was in my darkest hour that people like Charlie, Ivan and Nancy, to name just a few, came to my emotional rescue on several occasions! Their counsel and friendship&nbs