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Cleansing Digestive SystemFiber DrinkBenefits


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Cleansing Digestive System
Fiber Drink
Relief from constipation and other digestive
system problems such as gastrointestinal
disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, bowel
irregularity, diarrhea, gaseous distention,
abdominal pain
Lowering of blood cholesterol levels
Shed pounds / Stay trim
EverNew provides a convenient, great-tasting source of both
soluble and insoluble fiber, and is a natural way to promote
efficient digestion. Just one serving of EverNew has the same
amount of fiber as six oranges, seven carrots, eight tomatoes,
or nine peaches! These fibers help the digestive tract with the
potential to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It may help to
control the rise in blood sugar after meals and, because of its
rich content of fiber, may also help weight loss in a natural
Ingredients: EverNew Fiber Blend (Psyllium husk powder,
Natural banana powder, Pure vanilla powder, Apple fiber,
Barley grass juice powder, Blueberry powder, Cherry powder,
Grape juice powder, Oat fiber, Pear fiber, Rye flour, Wheat

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