Tai Chi

The Gateway to Balance and Harmony

Do you want to improve your health and fitness level regardless of your age? Are you interested in increasing your vitality and living longer? Would you like to deal more effectively with the stress of work and everyday life? Do you want to improve your athletic or martial arts skills? Are you curious about traditional and contemporary Chinese culture and how it can help you better understand, manage, and improve your overall feeling of well-being?

The Life Vitality Tai Chi Program can help you achieve all of these goals and more through a variety of scientifically based and systematically designed programs that respond to a wide range of interests, abilities, and current levels of fitness.

Health and fitness exercises, such as Tai Chi, have been practiced in China for thousands of years. Tai Chi itself was originally developed as a martial art, Tai Chi combines mental concentration with soft flowing body movements. Today, Tai Chi is appreciated by millions for its therapeutic effects, balancing the body as well as the mind. As a relaxation exercise or as a method of self-defense, Tai Chi is suitable for all ages, body types and fitness levels.

The Life Vitality Tai Chi Program, based on scientific theory and research and on innovative, systematic training, has shown itself to be especially effective in developing Tai Chi skills and knowledge so individuals can achieve their personal health and rehabilitation purpose.

Life Vitality Centre is committed to Tai Chi as a life-long activity intended for everyone because we have experienced its beneficial effects ourselves and seen the difference it has made to people’s lives. And we want to share our knowledge of it with you. So take a moment and learn more about Tai Chi and its benefits, the Life Vitality Tai Chi Program, and the various courses, activities, and resources offered at the Life Vitality Centre in Vaughan.