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Ear coning

Ear Coning is a natural, ancient healing therapy dating back to the ancient cultures of Egypt, Tibet, China, Sumeria, India, the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the American Indians, especially the Hopi - a people with great spirituality and extensive knowledge of healing techniques.

Ear coning is a technique that safely removes debris, such as flaky skin, bacteria, and parasites from the ear canal. Candling requires a cone shaped, hollow candle to be placed into the ear canal. The candle is ignited, and as it burns it creates an upward, spiraling vacuum that draws the impurities from the ear canal. Many people have also noticed clearing beyond the outer ear, in the sinuses, and lymphatic vessels of the neck. Some practitioners may incorporate other modalities including acupressure, aromatherapy, and massage to enhance the benefits of ear coning.

The ear cones used are lovingly hand made using unbleached cotton, 100% Ontario beeswax and botanically certified oils of geranium, lavender and eucalyptus. Beeswax cones are considered the best quality due to their high melting temperatures. These candles hold an unusually high energy vibration which helps assist the body in the healing process.

Today, Ear Coning is used as a non-invasive and relaxing old home remedy, still widely used in European families, which safely and gently stimulates the ear's natural ability to cleanse and balance helping to alleviates stress and giving gentle relief from sinus congestion, allergies, migraines, pressure headaches, balance disorders, hearing loss, swimmers ear, ear infections, head noises and helps to lessen/stop snoring.

The shape and warm heat of the candle create a slow, gentle vacuum, which, in turn, stimulates the blood circulation and activates the lymphatics to cleanse the system. Through the process of convection and low pressure created by the burning cone (the "chimney" effect), microscopic toxins and impurities are pulled up into the funnel of the cones. Before the coning, acupuncture points are also gently stimulated with pure grade essential oils and a light massage. The pre-coning massage and the localized warmth in the ear from the coning enhance circulation and lymph flow, as well as supporting the natural function of the ears and sinuses.

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