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Image by Benjamin Voros

I am a prostate cancer survivor; 4 years and counting.


After years of monitoring erratic PSA results, I underwent a biopsy during the summer of 2015. I had just turned 60. The results indicated cancer. I also received a serious infection due to the biopsy requiring 5 prescription drugs and more than 12 weeks to resolve (until November 2015).


My urologist wanted to schedule me for a radical prostatectomy. I wanted to wait until my body healed from the infection before I subjected myself to further medical trauma and recovery.


Through this process, I received medical opinions from a number of doctors and specialists prior to deciding on the medical process which I felt most comfortable. The doctors confirmed that left untreated, I would have about 6 years remaining.


I had been seeing May on a regular basis. During my infection from the biopsy, May treated me with a focus to regain my overall immune system. She also recommended a very strict diet consisting of no sugar and no animal protein. I previously did not eat meat, but, I had to cut out eggs and cows cheese with an allowance for a small portion of goat cheese. I regularly ate fish, but, I had to limit this to one serving per week.


It took about 4 weeks, but my body PH level turned completely alkaline, not conducive to cancer cell growth. Because I remained on my diet, my PH level has remained fairly constant.


My PSA levels prior to my biopsy indicated a level greater than 6. Due to the infection received because of the biopsy, my PSA level jumped to over 9.


During June & July 2016, I underwent external beam radiation treatments. During this process my specialist was very impressed with my progress and he told me to continue doing everything I was doing, it was definitely working. What I was doing was following May's advice.


In September, after radiation treatments, my PSA level was under 2 and my urologist declared me cured. I had 6-month follow-up appointments and after 2-years this decreased to annually. Each appointment indicated lower PSA levels. My latest PSA level in July 2020 is 0.18. Remarkable.


I knew I could not cure my cancer based on diet alone. At least this is what I learned from research. I also knew that I wanted my radiation treatments to be as successful as possible. My specialist said he wanted to get me not 6 years but 30 years.


I knew too that if I wanted my radiation treatments to be successful, I needed to ensure I was doing everything possible to ensure the cancer cells would not have a chance to survive, grow or thrive.


I followed May’s dietary advice, in addition to her treatments, and, to this day, I continue to follow this regimen. It takes discipline. But, it works.


To anyone diagnosed with cancer, my hope is you will successfully conquer it. And, I think your chances will be safeguarded when you follow May’s recommendations and prepare your body so that additional cancer cells do not multiply. In my opinion, based on my personal experience, successfully fighting cancer and winning is multifaceted. The right diet and a strong immune system will contribute to the best success rates for medical therapies.


I said to myself, “What do I have to lose by following May’s advice? Nothing. If it works great.” And, it worked! 

- B.S.

"Had a wonderful experience at Life Vitality! Everyone is so professional and really know what they are doing. The ambiance is relaxing, quiet and provides for a wonderful experience, always. May is GREAT! She takes her time, follows up and shows she really cares about her patients. I have referred a few people to Life Vitality, I can't say enough good things, I'm so thankful! Thank you May and everyone at Life Vitality."

- M. J.

"My experience at Life Vitality has been consistent no matter which practitioner I have been there to see. I have gone in for traditional massage as well as acupuncture. Either way, I have always gone away feeling much better than when entered. Moreover, I have been in situations where chronic pain has flared up requiring same day treatment and they have made efforts to get me in. Everyone there from their admin staff to the therapists have a very kind yet professional demeanor."

- O. M.

"Life Vitality has been a game-changer to my health & wellness. Professional service and genuine care to their patients. Not only are my concerns taken seriously, but the clinicians are thoughtful with their words and gentle when need be. Highly recommend!"

- D. F.

"I went to see May keeled over with kidney stone pain. I had been to the hospital twice and both times was sent home with several medications and told I had to wait until the stones passed. May's first treatment on me not only relieved the pain, but it was gone for good. I will be returning to see May for kidney health and nutrition. The world needs more people like her. Thank you, May!" 

- M. G.

"I had a 'frozen shoulder', which causes immense pain and discomfort in the shoulder, neck, back and arm. I had intense numbness in my entire left arm and hand. I went to see May and after a treatment, the pain and discomfort is completely gone. May is truly fantastic. She is knowledgeable, has great bed side manner and always goes above and beyond, for both myself and my family. Thanks May, for EVERYTHING!" 

- J. P. 

"I sought May’s help at Life Vitality regarding an autoimmune disorder that I have been battling for the past 15 years. In the last year, my condition became suddenly worse, and my eyes and mouth have been unbearably dry. Visits to an autoimmune clinic as well as to an ophthalmologist provided no relief, and I was becoming resigned to living with this discomfort for the rest of my life. However, when I explained my condition to May, she did acupuncture and other treatments that, much to my astonishment, made an immediate difference. By the end of my second visit, my eyes actually watered for the first time in years and I am feeling much better overall. I cannot thank May enough, and I highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from autoimmune disease.
Thanks for making a difference, May!"

- T. W.

I have been May’s patient at Life Vitality since 2013 and I truly feel blessed for being under the care of her healing hands.

Firstly, as an elementary school teacher I was constantly getting sick during cold and flu season. As the years progressed, each bout would become more severe. Doctors prescribed antibiotics like candy and I had been on multiple puffers. Overtime all these remedies lost their effectiveness.

However, when I was referred to May, my health took a turn for the better. If I catch something, the duration and intensity of each illness is greatly reduced and my body’s ability to fight these illnesses has become much stronger.

Secondly, I spent years in and out of hospitals, going through over 20 surgeries and countless procedures since childhood (many of which were later deemed unnecessary), and having been misdiagnosed and re-diagnosed multiple times throughout my life. A few years ago I suffered a bad fall in my classroom which severely damaged my knee. That knee injury created a domino effect on the rest of my health, particularly in my ability to walk. I’ve been to numerous specialists and the consensus is nothing can be done and I “just have to learn to live with it.” While I am under no illusions about my physical condition, I refuse accept such a grim ‘diagnosis’.

May has been treating me for sciatica and lower lumber issues, pain management and inflammation in all of my joints. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, caring, responsible, attentive and reliable in all aspects and I truly believe that it is through her care that I have been able to maintain an ability to walk.

I always know what to expect and what was happening to me. All treatments and procedures are done in an organized, skillful and detailed manner. I have always felt very safe and comfortable and know that I am in capable hands.

I greatly appreciate that May begins each visit by asking how I am doing since the last treatment. She is very attentive to detail and takes any symptoms I experience very seriously. She is willing to address any questions or concerns I have and reassures me that I should never feel like any inquiry I have is insignificant.

In addition to May's dedication to her profession, she has a very outgoing personality and is able to uplift my spirits even when I’m going through a rough patch. She is able to make me smile and laugh during every visit. She is very considerate and compassionate and has made a very positive impression on me and any other patient I have met in her office.

May has gone above and beyond and has made my current medical condition much easier for me to deal with. I feel very positive about my care and it’s been refreshing to be treated with such professionalism, compassion and positivity.

Both my parents are also May's patients and we have recommended her to others. Many of my friends who have gone to May have also done the same.

Thank you May for always taking such good care of me and family!!!

- J.A.

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